Employee Communications

At CapriComm we take a strategic view of Employee Communications and the important role it plays in fostering employee engagement. Moving beyond the traditional method of talking to employees, we focus on helping organisations create an empowered and informed team that will actively drive the business objectives.

We can help you with:

  • Employee Communication Strategies that supports a positive Employee Experience
  • Communication Plans for internal campaigns aligned to strategic business objectives
  • Developing an Employee Communications Infrastructure to manage and maintain your communication activities
  • Establishing an effective Communication Channel Network that meet the demands of your employees

Digital Marketing Strategy

In our digital age your business needs to be marketing online. Whether you sell products to the public or services to other businesses – if you are not making the most of your digital marketing potential, you could be losing out to your competitors.

A digital marketing strategy helps you to understand whether you are marketing to the right audience in the right place and at the right time. CapriComm can help your business with:

  • A Digital Marketing Strategy that sets realistic goals and provides a return on your investment
  • Developing a Content Marketing Strategy to reach, engage and convert your target audiences
  • Planning & executing Digital Marketing Campaigns aimed at achieving specific marketing objectives
  • Establishing the right Content Distribution Channels to reach your intended audience

Integrated Campaigns

While 71% of people begin their buying journey using an online search engine, there are still those in your audience demographic who prefer to get information offline. Often times the best approach for your business would be an integrated campaign that includes both online and offline marketing tactics. This helps spread your message across multiple channels, giving you more opportunities for conversion.

 71 percent of consumers begin their journeys by using a search engine to discover new products and services