Job Scope

The design and development of a website that would represent the RSV Group and all its subsidiaries. The website needed to be fresh and modern with a highly visual and interactive design.

The Group wanted to focus on all its capabilities, while highlighting the work that has already been done at some of the major industrial role players.

Information should be searchable by subsidiary, capability, projects and commodities.


Graphic Design:
  • Design infographics to show how the company is formed, its main capabilities, the commodities in which it works, as well as highlight some of its biggest projects.
  • The company safety policies, as well as its core values were also graphically presented.
Website Design & Development:
  • The website featured an interactive map showing where the group is working or has done work across the world, with details of the various projects.
  • The About page also featured a graphic presentation of the group of companies, with links to each company’s information.
  • The Group’s capabilities was also presented in an infographic format with clickable elements where users could find more information about each of the capabilities.
  • A filterable and searchable list of all the Group’s projects was included in its Project Archives, again with links to specific showcase projects.
  • The showcase projects featured tabs with infographics, short summaries, photos and videos.
  • A careers page was also developed to show the latest vacancies and where applicants could apply online and upload their CVs
  • The main team members from each division was also featured in a slide carousel.
An infographic depicting the main highlights from the Group's Bathopele Project
A graphic presentation of the Group's subsidiary companies
The commodities page with an interactive graphic presentation of the commodities in which the Group has experience
An interactive map showing the countries around the world where the Group has worked
An interactive infographic of the mining process, showing all of the Group's cabilities
The Showcase Projects were presented in short, tabbed format with highlights, photos and videos
A searchable, filterable table containing all of the Group's projects which could be easily updated with a CSV file
The main team members from each division appeared in a carousel