Job Scope:

In 2016, CapriComm was approach by Real South African Sign Language (SASL), who wanted to create a community website for the hearing impaired and all those who support them. The idea was to create a comprehensive library of signs that would be unified and form the basis for a possible 13th national South African language.

Users would be able to view and upload videos of signs. There are often various signs that mean the same and therefore users can vote for the one they think is the best one. This list of unified signs could then potentially be the recognised South African Sign Language “dictionary”.


Website Design & Development
  • A custom-made image-based search function, where users can combine handshapes, location and categories to find specific signs and their meaning
  • A video upload functionality that allows signed-in users to upload their own videos of signs
  • A voting function for signed-in users to vote for signs
  • A community portal where users can search for other members, interact with one another and exchange ideas
  • A functionality that will automatically compile a unified set of signs based on the number of votes it receives
  • A document upload and download functionality for learning material
  • A wordlist that can be searched for related signs with an autocomplete function
  • A login function that allows users to log in through social media channels
  • Categorising users according to their hearing status, to allow only deaf members to vote for videos
The library of uploaded videos which users can vote for
The pop-up search function depicting all letters in the alphabet in picture format
Logged in members can vote for the signs they feel should be included in a national directory
Signs can also be search for by word, which has been organised alphabetically
The Profile page in the Community Section. Users are categories according to their hearing status, as well as whether they are students or teachers
Usrs are allowed to submit their own videos of signs which they feel should be included in the national directory
The website also features a Learning section with various material freely available to teachers and students
The Help and FAQ page helps users understand how to use the website